Our Story

Military Veterans Creative Arts (MVCA) was registered with companies house as a community interest company (C.I.C 12229585) on the 26th September 2019 by Suzie Stanford. This step has taken five years in building solid foundations and with evidence to show the effectiveness of what Suzie wants to achieve.

Her ultimate goal is to run creative workshops of a variety of activities that our Veterans can attend either as a residential or a weekly sessions so that they may explore their creativity as a therapeutic process to help in their recovery. She is doing all of this for a noble cause, and may she succeed in her aim. Suzie believes that she is very fortunate that she has got this fantastic opportunity to help people understand about the complex symptoms and suffering of PTSD and anxiety and her passion lies with helping Veterans.


Suzie Stanford

From hopelessness to aspiration, this is the story of Suzie Stanford. Every day was constant distress for her because she has Complex PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). She had complex anxiety disorders, panic attacks, night traumas, and morbid tendencies, but she wanted to fight her stress and come out of this surviving situation and delineate to the world that they can change their label from a “victim” to “survivor.”

Suzie went through much distress, life was confusing from a very young age but she had a drive to make change, she used to set goals for her daily life, which led her to fight her mental health challenges. She is passionate about aiding others who are suffering from similar situations as she did. She wants to tell people about the devastating effects of complex PTSD and how can they overcome this mental health condition so they can lead a better quality of life. She also wants to let  people know that living life to its fullest is achievable and that creative arts has been a massive step forward for her in her recovery. It is not as difficult as one might think to step away from the nightmares and get the inner peace free from struggles if one believes in its instinct and talents, hopes and purpose.

Suzie’s very close friend had PTSD, which led him to have so many difficulties in several tasks of life. Suzie loved and cared for him very much, unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer and sadly he lost the battle and passed away. That was a massive shock for her, and she was devastated.

Suzie  enrolled in different fundraising courses in London and started to raise funds for the military personnel who were suffering from PTSD. She opened up on social media and wrote about her Complex PTSD so that it could help others.

She looked for her inner talents after constant lifetime training in various subjects including a variety of self development studies, counselling and psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Spiritual healing and many more, then she randomly decided to write a song, and started to create her first album called ‘Troubled Minds’. Just before the release of this album she lost her father also a military man whom she had cared for during his final years.

She left her home town for a year and enrolled on a Level 3 Music Course at South Devon College in Paignton, where she achieved a double distinction grade and started private songwriting training and these have turned into her passion. This is the beginning of a new adventure for her.

Right now, she is enrolled on a Music Production and Creative Recording University of Brighton BA Honours Course, having passed her foundation degree with distinction and releasing a double ‘Words by Veterans 1 album in December 2018, again 100% donated to a Veterans charity. She has seen incredible changes in herself and her mind and this along with the songwriting skills enables her to produce songs from the words and poems written by Veterans.

She is looking forward to writing more songs for the veterans who are suffering from PTSD. The most recent album produced is called Words by Veterans 2 which is due for release November 2019. Plus the release of a song written using words of many Veterans which will be performed by 100 Veterans and is due to be released on the 1st of December 2019.